Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Are SSPD Officers real police officers?

    A. Yes. Each SSPD Officer is a State Certified Peace Officer and is commissioned by the R-12 Board of Education.  

    Q. Why do some school buildings have officers in it and some do not?

    A. Every school building in the district has an officer assigned to it. Some buildings have an officer in them full time throughout the day, while other buildings may have a patrol officer assigned to them.  

    Q. If a crime or dangerous situation occurs near my child's school, does it lock down?

    A. The term "lock down" is not used anymore, since every exterior door of the school is already locked.  If a dangerous person were to appear inside the school, then students would be locked inside the classrooms. Once the threat was removed, students would be allowed back out into the hallways. 

    Q. If I know that there is criminal or suspicious activity going on at a school, who do I call?  

    A. Our communications center can be reached 24 hours a day at 523-2911.