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Faces of SPS: Hamar Hann, school police officer at CHS

Hamar Hann
Meet Hamar Hann, school police officer at Central High School.
Q: “How do you collaborate with students and staff at Central to make your school safe?”
A: “I work with staff and students on the "tell someone” campaign. It just lets students know they are able to make a difference and empowers them to report incidents. I also have an approachable, doors always open policy, so it’s easy for students to come to me when they need my assistance. I fist bump, I smile, laugh, tell jokes, give free high fives, and free gum, and I really try to learn students’ names (as many as possible). I try and get to know students, and learn about their story, their journey on this planet. I also run a Grappling Club at Central High School to connect in another way outside of just law enforcement.”