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Citizens appointed for SPS Community Task Force on Facilities

The Board of Education for Springfield Public Schools has appointed 29 representatives to serve on its newly formed Community Task Force on Facilities. The final list of members is representative of schools from all SPS feeder patterns and includes community members, parents, staff and students.

Bridget Dierks, Co-Chair                                         David Hall, Co-Chair

Mike Brothers                                                             Cheryl Clay

Rich Dameron                                                            Mark Dixon

Craig Edwards                                                            Fred Ellison

Charity Elmer                                                              Jim Farrell

Phyllis Ferguson                                                         Michelle Gavel

Joshua Goeke                                                            Margo Griffith

Josh Groves                                                               Sarah Hale

Lora Hopper                                                                Gabe Isackson

Marshall Kinne                                                            Tom Prater

Crystal Quade                                                             Devon Rathbun

Joy Robertson                                                            Tori Sallee

Kennedy Shanklin                                                       Laurie Sullivan

Becky Volz                                                                  Ed Wilkinson

                                                             Paul Williams                                                           Melanie Donnell

“We are honored that this group of citizens is willing to invest their time and service in this important work,” said Jill Patterson, president of the SPS Board of Education. “The Board of Education looks forward to their recommendations and we thank them for their dedication to our 25,000 students and 4,000 employees.”

“These citizens are committed to considering the best options for moving forward to improve SPS facilities for the benefit of our community,” said Tim Rosenbury, vice president of the SPS Board of Education. “Their input will be crucial in determining our next steps.”

About the Community Task Force on Facilities
The Board of Education approved the following scope and process for commissioning of the task force during its regularly scheduled meeting on May 15.

  • Driving Question:  
    • What facility improvement projects need to be completed to ensure all SPS students have access to safe and quality learning environments?
  • Charge
    • Review information regarding the current state of SPS facilities and provide 
      feedback and recommendations to SPS board and administration regarding high priority projects the task force believes the community would support in a future bond issue.
  • Membership:  
    • 25-30 SPS stakeholders including parents, students, teachers, community leaders, etc. The group will include representation from all five high school attendance zones and be representative of the diverse population of the school district.
  • Timeline:  
    • Begin in June with charge and initial information from the district and then the group will determine what additional information they need to come to their recommendation. Will meet twice a month, or as requested by the group, with a target completion date of October 15.
  • Initial Information Provided by District
    • District strategic plan, facility master plan documents, current demographic projects, post-election community survey data, current project study list, and architect project study results (July/August).   
  • Additional Information:
  • Membership will be appointed by SPS board officers and the panel will be chaired by members of the panel.
  • Two board members will represent the Board of Education on the panel and serve as liaisons who will provide updates to the board throughout the process.
  • All meetings will be open to the public. Dates and times will be posted and minutes taken.

Meeting Details
Initial meetings have been scheduled for twice monthly on Thursdays, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., at the Community Foundation of the Ozarks (425 E. Trafficway) – June 14 & 28, July 12 & 26, and August 9 & 23. Board members Denise Fredrick and Tim Rosenbury will serve as liaisons for the committee throughout the process, with Carol Embree and Travis Shaw providing administrative support.