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Incident reported at Glendale High School

This morning an incident occurred at Glendale High School resulting in us responding with the appropriate degree of concern.  All students and staff are safe.

We received a tip that a student was in possession of a gun at Glendale High School. We immediately responded by locating and isolating that student. Our investigation resulted in locating a handgun and an airsoft rifle in the student’s vehicle. Both were unloaded.

The student is currently in the custody of law enforcement officials. We are continuing our investigation and will follow all appropriate disciplinary procedures in responding to this violation.

We have zero tolerance for weapons on campus and commend the individual who came forward with information that prompted our investigation. By doing so they are helping to keep Glendale safe for everyone who attends there.

Our school police hotline, staffed 24/7, can be used for any tips or safety concerns by calling 523-2911. For anonymous tips, the public is encouraged to call CrimeStoppers at 869-8477.

 View message sent to GHS community.

May 10, 2018