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SPS students compete, win at Pummill Math Relays

April 15, 2024

math relays

Springfield Public Schools students participate in the Pummill Math Relays. The regional math competition challenges students at Missouri State University each spring.

Central High School

  • 1st Place Math Mania – Joseph Robbins, Lanie Deng, Grace Luo, Naomi Meng

  • 1st Place Calculus Pair – Elana Hadi, Katie Su

  • 3rd Place Algebra 1 Team (overall, 1st in Class 4) – Caleb Lundgren, Franklin Lucore, Mariela Neal, Nathan Ostergaard

  • 2nd Place Algebra 2 Team (overall, 1st in Class 4) – Brian Hayes, Zella Gosnell, Lydia Poppen, Sumedh Reddy

  • 3rd Place Geometry Team (overall, 1st in Class 4) – Jesse Francis, Tony Pham, Desmond Simmons, Jude Thomas

  • 1st Place 4th Year Math Team (overall)– Katie Su, Elana Hadi, Tiffany Lu, Lanie Deng

  • 4th Place Mathematical Reasoning – Joseph Robbins

  • 3rd Place Geometry (Open) – Naomi Meng
  • 1st Place Geometry (Open) – Grace Luo

  • 3rd Place 4th Year Math (Restricted) – Jack Butler

  • 4th Place Algebra 2 (Restricted) – Todd Gao

  • 1st Place Geometry (Restricted) – Son Do

  • 5th Place Probability & Statistics – Quinn King


Kickapoo High School

  • 2nd Place Overall in Calculus – Autumn Houzenga and Kolin Keltner

  • 3rd Place Geometry – Chandler Haustein, Seely Powers and Tracy Do

  • 5th Place Algebra Open - Aaryan Thavaran

  • 5th Place Algebra I Restricted - Alfredo Matta

  • 2nd Place Algebra 2 Restricted - Tracy Do

Parkview High School

  • 3rd Place Algebra Individual Open - Joey Skidmore

  • 3rd Place, Algebra I Team - Michael Luckett, John Caudle, Cy Wickens, Jude Tracy-Smith

  • 3rd Place, Fourth Year Mathematics Team - Thang Nguyen, Gabriel Melo Mejia, Connor Burdette, Aiden Tessaro