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SPS Executive Chef Kyle Houston's recipe to be served in school cafeterias nationwide

Nov. 14, 2023


Spicy Tzatziki Beef Gyro, now serving at SPS middle and high schools. 

SPS Executive Chef Kyle Houston created the recipe for the Spicy Tzatziki Beef Gyro as a member of Aramark's national culinary alliance of scholastic chefs. Beginning Nov. 15, more than 300 school districts across the country will be serving Chef Kyle's recipe in their schools.

The Spicy Tzatziki Beef Gyro features whole grain flatbread, seasoned potatoes, seasoned beef, tomato cucumber salad, spicy tzatziki sauce and feta cheese.

“I wanted something flavorful that would also be beautiful on the plate,” said Chef Kyle Houston. “Our students are craving food that is visually appealing and tastes great. I think that’s what we accomplished here.”