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CHS, HHS student journalists win big at 4-State Broadcast Journalism Competition

Nov. 7, 2023


Students from Central and Hillcrest High School broadcast journalism programs competed in the Academy of Scholastic Broadcasting Annual 4-State Competition at Missouri State University. This contest is the state-level competition for media students in Springfield Public Schools.

Both Central and Hillcrest High School media students won big in the contest.

Central High School

  • 1st Place in Earlybird Madness for the film, The Heist
    • Darla Bauer, Lily Bartlett, Lindsay Nel, Brooke Blecha, Emily Neal, Madeleine Bauer, Lauren Tyau, Fiona Lu, Alex Trieu, Elseya Ligon, Reese Smith, Wren Biggers
  • 1st in 76 Hour Movie Maker for the film, One for the Stars
    • Carter Shipman, Jonas Tetlow, Asher Neal and Morgan Piercy
  • 1st Place in Podcast Interview
    • Adori Esquivel and Reese Smith
  • 1st Place in Edit the Scene (Novice)
    • Oakley Vincent
  • 1st Place in Music Video
    • Darla Bauer, Lily Bartlett, Lauren Tyau, Adori Esquivel, Fiona Lu, Brooke Blecha
  • 2nd in Edit the Package (Novice)
    • Vincent Herbert
  • 2nd Place in Edit the Scene (Varsity)
    • Adori Esquivel and Lindsay Nel
  • 2nd Place in Anchor Team (Novice)
    • Adelaide Trumble, Sage Thieman, Soap Johnson, Wren Biggers
  • 2nd Place in Roving Reporter (Varsity)
    • Alex Trieu and Elseya Ligon
  • 3rd Place in Edit the Package (Varsity)
    • Brooke Blecha and Fiona Lu
  • 3rd Place in Humorous Segment
    • Lily Barlett, Lauren Tyau, Reese Smith, Brooke Blecha, Elseya Ligon
  • 3rd Place in 76 Hour Podcast Challenge
    • Max Brown, Adrian Kamutu, Rocco Oddo-Jenkins, Adori Esquivel, Kat Seaton
  • 3rd Place in 60 Second Silent Film
    • Adelaide Trumble, Rosie Killingsworth, Sage Thieman


Hillcrest High School

  • 3rd Place in Overall Sweepstakes
  • 2nd Place in 76 Hour Broadcast Story
    • Emily Clotfelter, Abigail Phillips
  • 2nd Place in 76 Hour Podcast Episode
    • Holten Pyle, Natalie Arbuthnot
  • 2nd Place in Edit the Package - Varsity
    • Sydney Peck, Caylee Jasper
  • 1st Place in 60 Second Silent Video - Novice
    • Camryn Summers, Quinn Rasley, Lauren Wilkinson, Caitlin Summers
  • 2nd Place in Podcast Interview
    • Abigail Phillips, Emily Clotfelter
  • 3rd Place in Spot Feature
    • Emily Clotfelter and Abigail Phillips
  • 1st Place in PSA - Novice
    • Christine Burgher, AK Staten-Ballance, Caitlin Summers, Camryn Summers
  • 1st Place in Anchor Teams - Varsity
    • Shelby Epperly, Jack Daugherty, Kendyl Tolliver, Luke Hanson
  • 1st Place in 5 Second Film - Novice
    • Caitlin Summers and Camryn Summers