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SPS United: Meet Scott Hendrix and Tina Coxson, SPS catering team

Nov. 1, 2023


“We make thousands of meals a year for different events at SPS. We are the district’s in-house catering team, and we meet the catering needs of our district. Lots of breakfasts for staff meetings, luncheons for events and everything in between. 

The most fun thing about SPS catering is that we get to have chef’s choice for every menu. There are opportunities to try new things and then put them onto the menu. I really love the work, and I enjoy working with the SPS Executive Chef, Kyle Houston. We work together on big events and menu planning, and it’s very creative, fulfilling work.

Working for SPS Catering is overall the best job I’ve ever had in terms of the pace and hours, the environment. It’s a lot less stressful than other restaurants or other kitchen work can be, and I love working with the Central team.” - Scott Hendrix, catering supervisor

“I just do my job and love making cookies and desserts. I enjoy the job, and the hours are great for my family.” - Tina Coxson, catering assistant