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SPS installs heavy duty security film on more than 130,000 square-feet of glass windows

Sept. 27, 2023

security film installation

After the school day ends, a crew of security film installers gets to work installing a new, invisible safety feature: heavy duty security film.

“If you walked by a window, you wouldn’t even know that it’s there,” said Dave Roesener, project coordinator. “But the heavy duty security film we’re installing provides a significant layer of protection for students and staff at all schools.”

As part of the 2023 Proposition S bond projects, protective film is being installed on ground-floor windows and doors at all SPS schools. All five high schools were completed over the summer, with 20 elementary schools’ film installation currently in progress. Later this year, 20 more elementary schools will have the film installed, alongside middle schools.

All SPS windows and doors will be protected with 3M Scotchshield Safety & Security Window Film by the end of 2023.

Part safety glaze, part blast protection, the safety and security film provides precious time by deterring any unwanted intruder into a school building, said School Police Chief  Jim Farrell.

“The security film helps keep bad people out,” said Chief Farrell. “We tried to penetrate this film with a number of devices and weapons, and it’s almost indestructible. But most importantly, the film gives students and staff time to evacuate. The film is just another tool to protect our students and staff.”

The protective glass film at all SPS schools was part of $6.9 million in safety and security upgrades funded by Proposition S. In April 2023, 77.67% of Springfield voters approved a request to fund $220 million in critical school improvements. To learn more about 2023 bond projects, visit