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SPS students take top marks at 2023 DECA International Career Development Conference

May 15, 2023

SPS students

Springfield High Schools students from Central, Glendale, Kickapoo and Parkview attended the DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Orlando, Florida in April. There were over 20,000 students in attendance. Students in attendance at this event represented all 50 U.S. States, Canada, China, Germany, Poland, Guam, Mexico, Spain and more.

Central DECA group

Central High School

Adviser Kevin Buening 

  • 20 out of 22 Central High School students received the Award of Excellence from DECA by scoring in the top 25% in their events. Students receiving this award were:

    • Jack Butler, Cameron Ellens, Mirisa Esquivel, Elana Hadi, Addison Harris, Anna Hart, Julian Hom, Alysa Kim, Abigayle Klover, Eli Kromrey, Grace Luo, Pranav Mandava, Parker McClure, Danielle McCorison, Lindsay Nel, Griffin Ray, Connor Schmutz, Emma Sutton, Jonah Swann, and Saahil Verma

  • Additional competitors were:

    • Marley Knust and Hunter Richards

  • Central High School had the MOST finalists from the state of Missouri.

GHS event

Glendale High School

Adviser Aundrea Hill

Finalist (Top 20 in the World)

Avery Burtin and Emma Harp - Sales Project

Silver Seal Award (Top 20% in the World)

Ross Douglas and Sam Howard - Marketing Management Team Decision Making

Audrey Duvall - Sales Project

Allison Johns and Abigail Samek - Business Solutions Project, Advancing to Internationals

Tiffany Caison - Community Giving Project, Advancing to Internationals

Drew Replogle & Jack Barnes - Gold Level Re-certified School-based Enterprise


Kickapoo High School 

Advisers Cara Posegate and Blythe Schaumburg

  • Lainey Adler graduated from the Ignite Leadership Academy at DECA ICDC this year.  Lainey served as Leadership Delegate for District 11 from Kickapoo High School. 


Parkview High School

Advisors Angie Wyatt and Jill Fanin

The following 5 Parkview students received Awards of Excellence and silver seals for scoring in the top 25% of everyone in their event! (we estimate 150-200 participants in each event):

  • Destiny Stewart, Project Management – Career Development (Barkery mentors presentation!)

  • Myla Hatcher, Project Management – Career Development (Barkery mentors presentation!)

  • Judah Verdugo, Professional Selling Event

  • Bethanie Koone, Human Resources Management

  • Noah Barks, Retail Merchandising Series

Our additional competitors were:

  • Trinity Hilles – School Based Enterprise – Food Operations

  • Zo Black - School Based Enterprise – Food Operations

  • Trevor Holt – Automotive Services Marketing