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My SPS Story: Dr. Michelle Caffey, IB MYP coordinator at Pipkin Middle School

March 15, 2023


Dr. Michelle Caffey

“As Pipkin Middle School IB MYP coordinator, I was challenged to produce a video to promote our school and IB Program. IB philosophy is centered around inquiry and finding solutions, so I began investigating how my challenge could become an authentic learning opportunity for students.

Pipkin does not have a media course or the resources to support the project, but the OTC Middle College just happened to have a beginning media course during the fall semester. I pitched my idea of a collaborative project to Clint Nurnberg and his class as an enriching learning opportunity. I applaud OTC Middle College, its instructors, and its students for their willingness to share risks, responsibilities, and rewards of developing teamwork skills and building the confidence of the Middle College and Pipkin students. 

Through this collaboration, students exchanged information, planned activities, shared resources, and created a final product for publication. By the end of this project and the “wrap party,” we became school “families.” 

The following is a link to the promotional video created by OTC Middle College students in Beginning Media. I’m so proud of the work we completed together and the skills gained by both students.”