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My SPS Story: Angela Clifford, KHS parent

Nov. 30, 2022

Ethan Clifford

“My son Ethan attended Mann Elementary all his elementary years. He had several good teachers, but two just stand out and always have: Miss Burrows and Miss Felton.

Ethan had both of them while attending Mann. He had Miss Burrows for years. I cannot tell you how wonderful they both were during his time in their classes, but also time outside of the classroom. Both of them have attended games, as Ethan used to play for Miracle League while in elementary school. When he saw them in the crowd, his face would absolutely light up. 

They have both given so much of themselves to my son in working with him and his learning disabilities. They are amazing teachers. But more than that, they are amazing young women who have made an everlasting impact on our whole family. 

Ethan is attending Kickapoo this year as a freshman. I was able to get Ethan into the organization of Champions Committed to Kids last year. They paired him with the Kickapoo football team. Ethan has been on this team since last year. He takes care of keeping the team hydrated. He is on the field with the team, enjoying all the excitement and disappointment that may come with high school football games. Kickapoo made the playoffs. This is a picture of both Miss Burrows and Miss Felton showing up to support my son. All the years later, these two teachers are still there for him."

Can you see the joy on his face?

I just wanted to express our gratitude for them. Our entire family adores them so much. Teachers do so much, and then they do so much more on their own time. We are so, so grateful for them.”

- Angela Clifford, KHS parent

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