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Disney students learn about Native American cultures in Culture Club

Nov. 17, 2022


Nizzy Falcon, a sixth-grader at Hickory Hills K-8 School, was joined by her mother, Valerie Falcon, at Disney's monthly Culture Club meeting. There, Nizzy danced a traditional dance from her tribe, the Ojibwe, with a song played on a Lakota drum.

"The drum is the heartbeat of our people," said Valerie, who leads the American Indian Center of Springfield. "Every tribe has its own traditions, and we celebrate all Native American cultures in November and every day."

Disney's Culture Club is an optional, after-school program for fourth- and fifth-graders. There, students try different foods, create different crafts of cultural significance and ask questions of guest speakers that lead cultural experiences.

"Culture Club is a forum for students to share and experience culture, foster global awareness and learn the importance of respect, appreciation and acceptance of diverse cultures," said Angela Hughes, Culture Club leader and equity champion. "Native American Heritage Month might be my favorite Culture Club we've had so far."