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My SPS Story: Owen, fifth-grader at Academy of Fine & Performing Arts


“I think this is the best school I’ve ever been to so far. We may not have a kitchen, but we do have a pretty big theater. We get to go to theater class. It’s amazing we get to go to places and see new things.

I’m more of a visual learner, so it’s easier for me to learn by seeing an object and studying it that way. Right now in Mr. James’ class, we are using clay to learn all about the places in America by making a map of the country out of clay. 

I like the arts more than theater. My favorite class here is orchestra. I have a violin, and I’m learning how to play it. It’s my first year with violin, and I like learning how to play an instrument. Together, we make beautiful music, even when we’re just learning.

Academy of Fine & Performing Arts is an amazing place where you get to learn and do so many things. Going to a new school can be scary, but I made lots of friends. This is our school, and it’s a great school. 

AFPA is a loving, caring community where so many people want to learn and help others. I’m happy I get to be a part of my school family.”

- Owen, fifth-grader at Academy of Fine & Performing Arts

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