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Wilson’s Creek art teacher creates murals for his school, Jordan Valley Park

May 19, 2022

Jeff Mural

Public art is Jeff Moore’s favorite kind of art.

As Wilson’s Creek Intermediate School’s art teacher, Moore teaches a variety of mediums, approaches and methods to help students express their creativity. But Moore’s creativity is on display in his school’s hallways, inspiring his students every day.

His mural, “Keep on Growing,” is a vibrant display, made with the help of his art classes. Each student created their own color wheel flower out of recycled magazines, which was then placed into the larger collage. The methodology was intentional, helping students to see that they are both individuals and play a part in a greater society.

“I find it to be very symbolic of what we try to do here at Wilson’s Creek, which is focusing on growing not only academically but also in positive character traits,” said Moore. “We teach kids to do good and be kind. I want my students to learn how to create good things in every aspect of life and make a positive impact on the world. This mural symbolizes this growth.”


Across Springfield, Moore’s creative talents are on display in a different public space. “Soar” is located in Jordan Valley Park, the geometric piece evokes a bird in flight. Moore created the high-flying piece utilizing skills he gained as a carpenter, a career he had for two decades prior to becoming an art teacher.

“My use of geometric forms and shapes and typical construction materials, like ceramic tile, pays homage to my past as a carpenter,” said Moore. “I used an eagle to symbolize freedom and strength, with multiple colors to be symbolic of hope. I want the viewer to recognize it as a symbol of hope for better things to come in the future.

The ultimate goal with all of my art is to create something good, positive and encouraging, which is similar to my goal as a teacher.”

Soar in the park

Find Moore’s “Soar” at Jordan Valley Park in downtown Springfield and “Keep on Growing” at Wilson’s Creek Intermediate School. Both pieces are currently on display and will continue to be viewed through summer 2022.