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Faces of SPS: Meet Kylie Cantin, senior at Central High School

Kylie Cantin

Faces of SPS

Kylie Cantin


Central High School

“The thing I’ll miss most about Central is the teachers, especially Mr. Sweet and Ms. Cotton. Mr. Sweet was my coach freshman year, and over the years, his classroom is just a safe place for me. When I’m having a bad day or just need some help, I know I can go in there and laugh and things get better. In art, Ms. Cotton is incredible. She sees beauty in everything around her, and she opened up my eyes to the potential of art for myself and my life. She just bought one of my pieces and made art a potential part of my life -- maybe on the side, but it’ll be there. When I was thinking about going to college, she and Mr. Sweet were so supportive and helped in any way they could. My teachers at Central support me, and I’ll take that with me, whatever comes next.”