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Outdoor U students practice fly fishing at Westport K-8

Student wearing a mask while casting a reel

Springfield Public Schools and Launch offers an Outdoor U class in the summer for students who enjoy the outdoors. The students experience archery, fly-fishing, hiking, and more. 

On a particularly hot day in July, middle school students at Westport K-8 School were practicing and learning how to cast a fishing line. 

“The students were exploring information about fishing.  They had to demonstrate their fishing knowledge of equipment and safety. They were practicing casting and were trying to show their accuracy,” said teacher Rebecca Lutz. “When they got back into the classroom they had to plan a fishing trip to a local fishing spot.” 

Student in mask practicing fishing

Students in Outdoor U learn survival skills throughout the month, with specific emphasis on how those skills tie into science. And while their fishing field experiences might not take place this year, students are still exploring and learning about the outdoors safely. 

“The outdoor class spends a lot of time outside in the park. We combined the virtual curriculum with outdoor activities. Then, when we come into the classroom, we can talk about the assignment,” Lutz said. “This summer the students have made knots and learned about different species of trees and plants. We learned to make shadow sticks and water filters. The students seem to enjoy their time learning and safely being around their friends.”