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SPS updates parents on plans during COVID-19 response

The following update was sent to SPS parents Wednesday, March 18:
We hope that you and your family are enjoying time together on Spring Break this week. While the rapidly evolving, unprecedented situation related to COVID-19 has certainly been a disruption to many plans, it is our hope that you have an opportunity to connect with your children in meaningful ways. 
Since announcing Monday that schools will be closed from March 23 through April 3, our team of educators and support staff have been planning and organizing alternative programs to support our students and their families during the closure. While we have not yet finalized every detail, we want to update you on our progress.
Learning Opportunities Resume March 30
Spring Break will be extended by one week for students. On March 30 and continuing through April 3, learning for all SPS students in grades K-12 will resume with resources provided for use at home while our school facilities are closed. 
  • Our team of educators is currently developing materials for all K-12 students that will bridge the gap in learning during the physical campus closures. 
  • Ensuring learning continues for all students is a priority, and our teachers will be working diligently to meet those needs during these unique circumstances. 
  • Through online courses, all high school students will be able to continue earning credits for graduation and higher education preparation.
  • K-8 students will also continue learning at home with guidance from our teachers and using provided resources. 
  • More details will be provided to you and your child prior to Monday, March 30.
Please also be aware that beginning on Monday, March 23, teachers will be making phone calls to all families as part of a wellness check to determine if there are any unmet needs for SPS students. This will help us connect families to available resources and identify other needed support during the school closing. 
Meal Service for SPS Students
We know many of our students do not have access to nutritious meals when school is out. Beginning Monday, March 23, free breakfast and lunch will be available for pick-up Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at every SPS school. Students, ages 18 and under, will be able to go to the school closest to them and pick up ready-to-eat breakfast and/or lunch meals to take home via a carline at each site. View a list of all distribution sites. 
Some families may be experiencing financial stress during this time. If your financial situation has changed, you may want to consider completing the Free or Reduced Lunch Application.    
Childcare for Healthcare Workers and Emergency Responders
To support our community response to this health crisis, childcare will be available for the children of healthcare and emergency/first responder personnel. Beginning March 24, these services will be provided from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Pre-registration is required. To be eligible, children must be enrolled in grades pre-kindergarten through 8, in SPS or a surrounding school district. They will be assigned to small groups and will be supervised by SPS staff. All staff and students will be checked daily for symptoms of illness before being allowed to enter the sites. 
Healthcare providers and emergency/first responder agencies are distributing information to their employees about locations and how to enroll their children. If you believe you qualify for this service and have not yet enrolled, please contact your employer and ask them for information regarding the appropriate process. 
How You Can Help
Practicing good hygiene habits and social distancing, among other actions, can help prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep you and your family healthy. This video explains the importance of social distancing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also offers tips for protecting you and your family here
Next Steps
We are committed to ongoing communication throughout the days and weeks ahead. As more information is available, we will communicate directly with you and via other SPS communication channels such as and social media. You may also view Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 
Thank you for your support and cooperation as we continue to respond to this situation. 
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