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Williams students experience Cultural Kaleidoscope: Ukraine

Williams Elementary School students went on a whirlwind experience to across the globe, all in their All Purpose Room.

On Monday, March 9, more than 300 Williams Elementary students participated in The Cultural Kaleidoscope: Ukrainian Kaleidoscope. Ukrainian Sergei Shapoval led the educational performance for nearly an hour, showcasing the many elements of Ukraine's culture through music, dance and rich traditions on display. Students listened to music played on both the domra and bandura, performed by Sergei.

Playing a traditional drum

"There is so much to know about Ukraine, and so much of my country comes from its music and dance," said Shapoval.

The special event was made possible by a Back to School grant from The Foundation for Springfield Public Schools. 

"This professional program is highly engaging and educational," said Janice Smith, Williams kindergarten teacher. "The students and staff LOVE it. They talk about it for weeks after the program."