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School board affirms commitment to equality and inclusivity


School District of Springfield R-12

WHEREAS the School District of Springfield R-12 Board of Education is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect; and

WHEREAS past and recent events have demonstrated racism, bigotry and disrespect; and

WHEREAS we acknowledge the pain, fear and anger that racism and bigotry have caused for our students and their families; and

WHEREAS Springfield Public Schools will not tolerate any behavior which detracts from the positive, safe and respectful culture we expect in all of our schools; and

WHEREAS we desire to assure our students, parents, employees and community members that we will increase our work to maintain a safe and positive environment; and

WHEREAS we reaffirm our dedication to take all actions necessary to make our school district a place where people feel safe and valued; and

WHEREAS we recognize the many staff and students who are leading by example and working hard to create learning environments that are welcoming to all students, and we encourage them to continue their important work; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, the Springfield R-12 Board of Education on this 21st day of May 2019, hereby expresses dedication to enforcing established policies which prohibit discrimination, harassment and bullying; and promises continued collaboration with community groups to listen, take action and improve the culture of inclusion in all our schools.

Tim Rosenbury
Board President
Adopted May 21, 2019