• grow your own

    The 'Grow Your Own' Initiative

    "The goal is to increase the number of teachers, staff and administrators who reflect the cultural and racial diversity of this community and student body:

  • workforce dev

    Workforce Development Initiatives

    What is SPS's plan to develop and diversify our workforce?

    • Creating a more robust diverse workforce aimed at recruitment, hiring, retention and training.
    • Develop relationships with University Chief Diversity Officers and other relevant staff to market Springfield Public Schools efficiently and enhance opportunities for recruitment with special networking events and job/career fairs.
    • Explore options for additional ways to expand recruitment and hiring efforts outside of traditional venues.
    • Develop ways to infuse equity and diversity in the application and interview process.
    • Build relationships with Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) in addition to other Top Tier Education Institutions to increase recruitment efforts.
    • Analyze retention of diverse teachers as well as staff and leaders by tracking demographics of new hires and current employees and their professional trajectory within the district.


  • Jimi Sode

    Jimi Sode (He, Him, His)
    Coordinator III - Equity & Diversity, Workforce Development, Office of Equity & Diversity
    Springfield Public Schools

    Jimi Sode is the Coordinator III of Equity & Diversity - Workforce Development at Springfield Public Schools (SPS) where his primary focus is to help create a more robust diverse workforce reflective of the identities and culture of students in SPS schools. Jimi also is responsible for developing and overseeing a "grow your own" program to support qualified diverse individuals seeking educator credentials and employment opportunities within the district. Jimi is in his first year with SPS, having served at Missouri State University for the past 4 years, working with diversity recruitment. He is from St. Louis and graduated from Parkway North High School in 2006. Jimi received his Bachelor of Science degree from Pittsburg State University and his Masters of Science degree from Missouri State University.