Develop Positive Attitudes/Motivation for Learning

    • Emphasize positive attitudes and values -- honesty, fairness, respect for teachers, respect for the rights of others. Be sure that you set a good example by demonstrating these values.
    • Have regular talk sessions where family members share their interests, problems, and activities. Listen to your student's questions and ideas and show respect for their thoughts and feelings.
    • Organize household schedules and responsibilities. Everyone should have at least one regular "chore" to finish on time.
    • Take time every day - right after school, at supper, or before bedtime - to talk with your student about what happened at school.
    • Support your student's interests. If they likes music, for example, encourage them to join the school band, or go to the library and check out a book on the subject.
    • Visit zoos, museums, historic sites, concerts, etc.
    • Talk with your student about the future. Help him or her understand that schoolwork is preparation for the future.
    • Subscribe to a children's magazine. Use it to find ideas for educational games and rainy-day activities.
    • Help your student develop a personal library. Give books as presents. Teach them to have pride in their books and take care of them.
    • Take pride in your student's schoolwork. Display it on the refrigerator. Send copies to relatives. Keep schoolwork in a scrapbook. You and your student will enjoy seeing how they have progressed.

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