Effectively Communicate/Cooperate with Your School

    • Join the PTA.
    • Get acquainted with the school principal and your student's teachers early in the school year.
    • Take part in school activities regularly.  Show your interest and support by attending PTA meetings, parent-teacher conferences, school plays, book fairs, etc.
    • Volunteer to help with field trips, class parties, fundraising events and other special activities at school.
    • Call teachers or school officials if you have questions about assignments, grades or school policies.  It's better to ask questions than to be "in the dark."
    • Be sure to notify school when your student is absent.  Make arrangements to pick up homework during long absences.
    • Notify the school promptly of address, phone or other changes; always be sure the school has information on how educators can reach you during the school day.
    • Notify the school in advance if you cannot attend regular meetings or parent-teacher conferences.  If necessary, make special appointments to meet with teachers.
    • Don't wait until 12th grade to start thinking about your child's goals and interests.  Get acquainted with school counselors and know what courses they should be taking to prepare for college or a career.

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