Basic Duties as a Parent

    • Establish clear rules and expectations for your student's behavior at home and at school.
    • Your student can't concentrate on learning if they are hungry and tired.  Don't let them stay up too late on school nights.   Make sure they eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch each day.
    • Never send your student to school if they are ill.
    • Be sure your student's immunizations are up-to-date.
    • If your student is having difficulty in a particular area, ask teachers to suggest specific ways you can help at home.
    • Require your student to attend school.  Don't let them miss school for unimportant reasons.
    • Know your student's strengths and areas they can grow in.  Don't compare them to another child.
    • Take advantage of preschool screening programs. Early detection is vital if your student has vision, hearing or other problems that could interfere with learning.
    • Set priorities so that your student knows homework is more important than playing or watching TV.  Extracurricular activities also should allow time for schoolwork.

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