Equity & Diversity Advisory Council

Driving Question & Committee Charge

  • What actions should the district deploy to ensure that all students excel through purposeful engagement, rigorous instruction, cultural awareness and relevant education experiences with an intentional focus on historically underrepresented and under resourced groups (HUGs)?

    Bring forth a specific list of recommendations and action steps the district should deploy to positively impact the four strategies below which are part of the district’s strategic plan.

    ● The district will research, develop, and deploy strategies that improveengagement, safety, and attendance rates for under resourced and underrepresented student populations.
    ● The district will demonstrate annual growth in the core academic success (iReady, MAP, EOC, Common Assessments) of all students, with an intensive focus on closing performance gaps for under resourced & underrepresented students.
    ● The district will research, develop & deploy actions to increase the graduation rate of all student populations, with an intensive focus on under-resourced & underrepresented students.
    ● Recruit, hire, develop, support and retain an effective, qualified and diverse workforce of teachers, staff and leaders to better meet the needs of students.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Under Development


  • Begin in August with charge and initial information from the district and then the group will determine what additional information they need to provide a recommendation to the District. Will meet twice a month, or as requested by the group, with a target completion date of December 3.

Committee Members

  • Wes Pratt & Jill Patterson, Co-Chairs  Diana Royalty, Facilitator

    Penney Rector, LA Anderson and Nicole Holt, District Liaisons

    TJ Appleby Matt Morrow
    Becky Ash Maurice/Christa Moss
    Courtney Dameron Kierra Nabors
    Mark Dixon Sean Nevills
    Steve Dooley Kennedy Ongaga
    Saehee Duran Kiatah Pickett
    Tammy Few Rod Pickett
    Robyn Fondren Bill Powers
    Christina Ford Francine Pratt
    Denise Fredrick Mary Ann Rojas
    Michelle Gavel Jayden Sanford
    Charlotte Hardin Susan Schmalzbauer
    Angela Holloway-Payne Phil Snider
    Steve Ingalsbe Spencer Stringer
    Eriannah Jackson Charles Taylor
    A'dja Jones Domminicc Thomas
    Matt Jones Rosalyn Thomas
    Christine McCartney Shurita Thomas-Tate
    Teague McElroy Jordana Vera
    Abe McGull Teresa Young
    Krista Moncado  
    Felicia Morgan