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  • Welcome to Protect.

    Protect is the SPS initiative focused on protecting student and staff data, as well as providing information security resources to our community.

    We will provide regular updates about efforts at SPS to protect critical and confidential information, as well as demonstrate examples of best practices you can adopt to protect your personal information at home.

    Currently, as part of Protect, Springfield Public Schools aligns curriculum with strong Digital Citizenship, utilizes robust Digital Tools, adheres to Information Security protocols established by industry standards, and steadfastly secures Student Data.

    How will we achieve this, and how do we measure our progress?

    One of the major approaches that SPS is taking to ensure the privacy of our student's information is to work towards earning a nationally recognized seal of data security standards.  We are striving to earn the Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) seal, which is a program created by the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) by 28 member school districts.

    SPS is using this program to guide our approach to Protect, and to show our commitment to keep our student's data private and secure.


  • Help from Homeland

    Posted by Sean Burch on 8/12/2019 7:00:00 AM

    The Department of Homeland Security has a public awareness campaign to aid with understanding cybersecurity threats:

    The motto of the campaign is: Stop, Think, Connect.


    General information link: 


    Parent and Educator specific link: 



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  • Back to School - Our plan to protect your information.

    Posted by Sean Burch on 8/5/2019 7:00:00 AM

    SPS is striving to achieve the Trusted Learning Environment Seal (TLE), from the entity Consortium of School Networks (CoSN).  To acquire this seal, a rigorous review of data privacy and security processes is conducted within the district.


    One of our first steps towards qualifying for the TLE seal, is to extend our information security training.  We plan to take a systematic approach that posts regular content that relates to information security as well as data privacy and standard online safety measures.  We want to help our students, staff, parents and really any member of our community be as cyber-safe as they possibly can.

    We plan to cover topics that are relative to the time of year.  The following is a list of when we plan to send out certain types of information, and what general topics we plan to cover during those time windows.


    July to September - Back to School

    • General Online Safety topics such as password complexity and length


    October - Cybersecurity Awareness Month

    • Phishing Awareness, Social Engineering.


    January and February - Student Promoted/Focused

    • Poster contest, Digital Citizenship, FERPA, COPPA


    March and April - The Tax season

    • What is PII and why does everyone want a slice of mine?


    May - Have a Good Summer

    • Password changes, multi-factor authentication, Social Media - think before you post.
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  • Information Security in a Public School setting

    Posted by Sean Burch on 7/31/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Welcome to SPS Protect!

    This blog is intended as a way to stay informed about Information Security in a Public School setting.

    The first thing I would like to say is: We are in this together!  And make no mistake, we will need your help. Information security requires that everyone to be informed and intentional about decisions.  From choosing a good password to actively securing files that contain sensitive information, there are a lot of opportunities to make our information safe.  This applies to teachers, parents and all individuals living in a digital world.

    We may not want to think about this, but the reality is:  information should be considered a currency that others will try and steal and sell, or simply use to hurt someone else.  This is especially dangerous in a school setting where the identities of our kiddos could be stolen and used for years without their knowledge.  Detection could be delayed until they start trying to apply for credit or get approved to move out on their own as adults. This would be a terrible time to figure out that they have to start their adult life with a fight to establish their own identity.

    We plan to help provide tools and techniques for everyone to protect information in a secure fashion.  I look forward to working with all of you and hope to celebrate success together.

    -Sean Burch

    Information Security Officer for SPS-R12

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