Online Enrollment Instructions for Employees' Non-Resident Student

  • Online Enrollment Springfield Public Schools offers an option of completing the enrollment application for students new to the district online. Using the online enrollment application process, parents/guardians can provide their student's information electronically, and save time and paperwork.  After completing the online enrollment application, the student's birth certificate, social security card, and immunization record will need to be taken to the school by the parent/guardian to complete the enrollment process.   When you provide the needed documentation to the school, make the school aware you have completed the enrollment application online.  You will also need to provide the name and address of the last school the student attended if applicable.

    1. Click on the Online Enrollment icon to begin the process.
    2. Create or login to account.
    3. Complete new application.

Log In/Register New Account

  • After clicking on the Online Enrollment icon above, you will be redirected to the enrollment page where new users will create a new account or existing account holders will log in.

    Online Enrollment

    For New Users-Create a New Account


    • New users will create their own login ID and password for their account.
      • The Parent Login ID should be the users first and last name separated with a period (ie. Jane.Doe). If the Login ID is already in use, add a number to the end of the Login ID (ie. Jane.Doe1).
      • The password should be eight characters in length including one numeric value.
    • Users must have an email address in order to create an account.

    Register New Account

    • Click on Register New Account.

    Registration Information

    • Complete registration information.  Note:  The red * indicates a required field.
    • Click Submit.  You will receive an email confirmation that will include the login ID and password (Example A) and a welcome screen where you can see any saved applications or create a new application (Example B).

    Example A:  

    Dear Tina Garrett,

    This email is confirmation that your registration for enrollment online has been completed successfully.

    Your login is Tina.Garrett and your password is happydays8.

    Thank you, 

    Enrollment Online - Administrator

    Example B:  

    Saved application

    • Click on New Application.  Follow the instructions for completing a new application.


    For Existing Users

    Login and Password

    • Enter parent login ID and password.

    Forgot Password

    • If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot Password. A prompt will appear to enter the parent login ID and click Send Password.  You will receive an email with the password.
    • Follow the instructions for completing a new application.

Complete New Application

  • Begin Application

    • After clicking on New Application, select SPRINGFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOL STAFF ONLY (Non-Residence Students Only) from the dropdown menu.  Click GO.

    Student Tab

    • Complete information on the Student Information Tab.  Click "Show All Sections" to expand or "Hide All Sections" to collapse all sections. The red * indicate required fields.
      • Select the correct school year you are registering your child for.
        • If you are registering your child for the current year, you will select the school year on the left.
        • If you are pre-registering your child for the next school year, you will select the school year on the right.
        • If your child is enrolling in kindergarten for the next school year, select the grade level of PRE-KINDERGARTEN.

    Address/Phone Information

    • Complete address and phone information tab.

    Contact tab.

    • Complete contact information tab by clicking on Add Contact.

    Additional Information

    Additional Information page 2

    • Complete additional information tab. Required fields are indicated by red *.  


    • Submit the application.
      • Click on Save.
      • Click on I Agree to certify that the information is true and correct.
      • Click Print (if you want a copy of the application).
      • Click Submit. If any fields are incomplete or not correct, you will receive a pop-up message indicating what needs to added or corrected.