Enrolling a Student: Easy as 1-2-3

  • group of students Step 1:  Gather your documents

    • Student's proof of birth
    • Student's immunization records
    • Proofs of residency (utility bill, lease, or similar document)
    • Previous school records (transcript, behavior, attendance, name and address of previous school)
    • Copy of parent/guardian photo ID (proof of guardianship, if required)
    • Health Inventory
    • Student physical and Sport Medicine Services form, if applicable

    Step 2:  The school your child will attend is based on the attendance area in which you live and can be determined by using the school boundary map or by calling the records office at (417) 523-4747 or the transportation department at (417) 523-0500. Once the school has been identified, you can start the enrollment process by completing the online application. If you are eligible for bus transportation, please complete the Bus Transportation survey link.

    Step 3:  Follow up with the building secretary for the school your child will attend. Contact information can be found here


    NOTE:  After you have set up an enrollment account, if you later can not remember your login or password, please contact the school secretary.