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    Social distancing or physical distancing refers to maintaining 6 feet of separation between individuals. This recommended practice limits the spread of COVID-19. The following guidelines will help maintain social distancing during the school day. 

    • Upon arrival, all students should report directly to their classroom/first period class. Students who choose to eat breakfast at school, will eat in the classroom.
    • Arrival and dismissal procedures will minimize the opportunity for groups of students to interact. 
    • Students will not congregate in the lunchroom, commons area, gymnasium, hallways or other areas during arrival and dismissal. 
    • Signage will be in place to help students gauge appropriate spacing and to direct traffic patterns in hallways. 
    • Recess schedules will limit the number of students on the playground or within a specific area of the playground.
    • Assemblies and other large student gatherings will not be held.
  • Last updated on July 23, 2020