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    Face Coverings/Masks

    • At SPS, masks or face coverings will be required for employees and students in pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 while at school and when riding the bus. Employees and students are encouraged to bring their own masks when possible. Masks must be school-appropriate if brought from home. Masks will be provided to students and employees if they do not have their own.
    • Some individuals may have medical conditions that prevent them from wearing masks for extended periods of time. With documentation from a medical provider, exceptions may be made. In addition, face coverings/masks are not required while students are eating and drinking, during outdoor play or during physical education class.
    • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be available in every classroom.
    • Desk partitions will be available for teacher use during small group instruction.
    • Protective shields will be installed at all main office locations. 
    • Gloves and N95 masks will be provided for nurses and other appropriate staff. 
    • Face shields and clear face masks will also be available for appropriate staff. 
    • Touch-free thermometers will be available in each building. 
  • Last updated July 23, 2020