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Care to Learn

  • Care To Learn

    Care to Learn is based on partnership with school districts and their communities.

    Care to Learn empowers school districts and their communities to:

    IDENTIFY students with unmet emergent needs and supplement current services.

    DEVELOP a sustainable fundraising strategy creating a flexible fund.

    RESPOND immediately while protecting student confidentiality.


    Students with unmet health, hunger, and hygiene needs are identified by school district faculty and staff. Anyone from a school bus driver to a principal can report a student need to their school district’s Chapter Liaison to request support through their Care to Learn Chapter.

    This model allows each Care to Learn Chapter to meet the unique needs of local students in their partner school district. As a flexible fund, student needs can be met quickly and confidentially to ensure unmet health, hunger, and hygiene needs do not stand in the way of student success.

     Click Here for access to Care to Learn website for more info.


  • Nurse News



    Please be sure your child comes to school with a water bottle DAILY. Hydration at school (even during winter months) is VERY IMPORTANT! The water fountains can only be accessed with a water bottle as shown. Any questions please contact the school nurse. THANK YOU!





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Food Allergies

  • Prescription Medication and Over the Counter Medications:

    Prescription and non-prescription medication to be taken at school are to be delivered and picked up by parent/guardian. Medication must be in the current prescription bottle or original container. A medication permit and administration form must be completed and signed by parent/guardian. The first dose of any medication will not be given at school. Over the counter medications may be given at school for a period of (3) three days with permission form signed by parent/guardian and must be in original container. Administration for more than (3) three days requires a written standing order from a doctor or authorized prescriber for the individual student, which can be faxed to the school. Any remaining medications must be picked up by a parent or designated adult one week after the final date on the medication form. Medication will not be sent home with a student.

    Special Health Concerns:

    If your child has diabetes, asthma, severe allergies, or other chronic health conditions, please contact the nurse before the first day of school so appropriate supplies and paperwork can be obtained. In these instances, orders from a physician will be required before the first day of school.


    Students must be current on all immunizations according to the Department of Health of the State of Missouri before they are required to attend classes. They must present documentation of month, day, and year of each immunization before starting school. The requirements can be found HERE

    Please contact Health Services over the summer at 523-1630 with any questions.

    PE/Activity Restrictions:

    Students returning to school after injury, including concussion and/or surgery with crutches, casts or slings should present a physician release to return to school along with a written request for any necessary modifications or accomodations. Please discuss any questions regarding when to return to school with the nurse and/or health services.

    Helpful hints for a successful school year:

    • The nurse DOES NOT have Tylenol/Ibuprofen/Tums/Cough drops or other medications to administer to students. If your child might need these medications, see above.
    • Please keep us up-to-date on your child's health and any medical diagnoses they may have. In case of emergency, it is critical we know your child's medical history.
    • We will never tell your child they cannot contact you, but if your child contacts you during the school day and says they do not feel well, please direct them to our office so we can assess them and follow the appropriate attendance protocol.
    • You cannot drop medication off for your child in the main office. You will need to wait and give it to them personally, or fill out appropriate paperwork.
    • All paperwork must be filled out yearly. If you had forms filled out for this school year, they must be filled out again for the the following school year. Please see above for updated forms.