* Tooth Truck Requirements and Application

Tooth Truck

The Tooth Truck provides comprehensive treatment, from cleanings and x-rays, to repairing cavities at no charge for qualifying families. 

Requirements for being seen and treated on the Tooth Truck are:


  • -Must complete a Tooth Truck application form
  • -Be between the ages of 3 and 15 years
  • -Qualify for the free and reduced lunch at school
  • -Cannot be an established patient of a local dentist
  • -Cannot have private dental insurance
  • Patients seen on the Tooth Truck in the last 2 years will NOT be scheduled for a cleaning but the Tooth Truck staff will address any new dental concerns noted on the application.


The Tooth Truck treats Medicaid-eligible and uninsured children.

The Tooth Truck staff will be scheduling students throughout school year and summer at various schools and outlining Springfield communities.

Application is found HERE