• Parents may access the Financial Office during school hours: 7:30 AM - 3:15 PM

    ● During the school year students may access the Financial Office before or after school and during lunch

    ● Forms of payment include cash, check, debit or credit cards.

    ● What can be paid in the Finance Office:

    ○ Fees: Certain activities and functions require the collection of fees. (For example, participation in MSHSAA activities and parking passes.)

    ○ Fines: Not limited to but includes: Damaged or lost Chromebook, power cords, etc., lost textbooks, replacement ID badges and Lanyards, lost school uniforms for various teams.

    ○ Ticket Sales: School Dances and other extracurricular events. Fines must be paid before Dance tickets may be purchased. Students must be in attendance all day on the day of a dance. Absences for a doctor’s appointment or dental appointment must be approved in advance by Administration. Students are required to provide appropriate documentation.

    ○ School breakfast and lunch: Can only be paid in the cafeteria or the mealpayplus website.

    ○ Library fines need to be paid in the Library.