•  SPS Health Services Website: https://www.sps.org/Page/2363

    Office Hours:
    8:10 AM - 3:10 PM, Monday-Friday (school days)

    School Nurses:
    Lori Harmon MSN RN NCSN
    Phone: 523-8930
    Email: lharmon@spsmail.org

    Kristin Rohrer BSN RN
    Phone: 523-8883
    Email: klrohrer@spsmail.org

    Fax: 523-8936

    Over the Counter Medications: Your child may carry one day’s dose of most over-the-counter medications, in the original container. A permission form must be signed by a parent or guardian, the student, and the school nurse for EACH medication they will carry. This form MUST be on file in order for your child to carry medication, or they will face disciplinary action. Please contact the nurse with questions.

    Prescription Medications: If your child will be taking a daily or as-needed prescription medication during the school day, please bring the medication and fill out paperwork before the first day of school.

    Special Health Concerns: If your child has diabetes, asthma, severe allergies, or other chronic health conditions, please contact the nurse before the first day of school so appropriate supplies and paperwork can be obtained. In these instances, orders from a physician will be required before the first day of school.

    Immunizations: If your child will be a senior this year, in order to attend school, they must have documentation of a meningococcal vaccine after their 16th birthday. Please contact Health Services over the summer at 523-1630 with any questions.

    Helpful hints for a successful school year:

    • Keep a full change of clothes in your backpack. You never know when you will need it!
    • The nurses DO NOT have Tylenol/Ibuprofen/Tums or other medications to administer to students. If your child might need these medications, see above.
    • Please keep us up-to-date on your child’s health and any medical diagnoses they may have. In case of emergency, it is critical we know your child’s medical history.
    • If your child contacts you during the school day and says they do not feel well, please direct them to our office so we can assess them and follow the appropriate attendance protocol.
    • You cannot drop medication off for your child in the main office. You will need to wait and give it to them personally, or fill out the appropriate paperwork.
    • All paperwork must be filled out yearly. Please see GHS website for forms.