• Tutor:

    • Successfully complete tutor training prior to working in a classroom.
    • Provide your own reliable transportation to and from tutoring sites other than Parkview.
    • Properly check in and out of each tutoring session (in A+ Office and/or at the tutoring site).
    • Accurately complete the tutoring log and get teacher's signature at end of each session.
    • Be honest when calculating the number of minutes spent tutoring each session; don’t just count check‐in/check‐out times.
    • Return tutoring logs and assignments on time to the A+ Office.
    • Be on time arriving at assigned tutoring site and returning to PHS.
    • If you must be absent from a tutoring session, contact the A+ office and the cooperating teacher before the tutoring session.
    • Follow district dress code.
    • Work with tutee(s) in positive, upbeat way; be a good role model.
    • Work with cooperating teacher to determine which students need assistance, tasks to be accomplished and appropriate rewards to be given for tutee's accomplishments.
    • Accept constructive criticism from cooperating and supervising teachers.
    • Maintain good citizenship, good attendance and good grades.

    Cooperating Teacher:

    • Provide tutoring opportunities during each session.
    • Give clear directions to tutors about expectations and goals for tutor and tutee(s).
    • Provide an appropriate place for tutoring to occur (in which a certified teacher is present).
    • Encourage and support tutors.
    • Address concerns (if they occur) with the tutor.
    • Contact the A+ Coordinator if concerns persist.
    • Sign tutoring logs at the end of each session verifying the tutor's times of arrival and departure as well as number of minutes spent tutoring.
    • Complete evaluation form at the end of each semester.
    • Assist in determining the tutor’s grades for the course.

    Supervising Teacher (A+ Coordinator):

    • Conduct training sessions.
    • Verify that training has successfully been completed.
    • Assist in finding tutoring placements for the tutors.
    • Supervise tutors throughout the semester.
    • Serve as mediator between tutor and cooperating teacher as needed.
    • Verify attendance at each tutoring session.
    • Keep record system of number of hours completed by each tutor.
    • Send verification to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education of completion of all 50 hours of tutoring.

A+ Eligibility

  • Email Mrs. Robbins in the A+ Office to request an A+ Eligibility Status Report.