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    The 2nd and 3rd grade Music Program of "Seussical" will be held on Thursday, February 22nd at 6:00 PM. Students need to report to the Music Room at 5:30 to get lined up and warmed up for the performance. 


    That's easy - Jeans and their Truman shirt they received this year or a bright-colored shirt!

    The song links below will help your student be successful during their performance. Students need to PRACTICE at HOME for the program. All words and music must be memorized. A vital part of learning is PRACTICING - it is part of the learning process. Please click on the links below to go to a practice page for each song. Students will be able to see the music, lyrics and hear their part played on the piano so that they can sing along. Lyrics that have rests above them, instead of music notes, should be spoken and not sung.

    Friendly suggestion:  BOOKMARK this page so you and your singer can get back to it easily to practice.

    Please make sure that your performer practices at home, so they are ready to be successful for their performance. Questions? Please email Ms. Kniffin at the following email address:  bjkniffin@spsmail.org   

    CLICK HERE to go to the Piano and lyrics version recordings for the songs.

    CLICK HERE to go to the Singers and lyrics version recordings for the songs.