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  • Zoom Etiquette

    Posted by Delaware Elementary on 9/1/2020

    Dear Delaware Families - 

    As we approach our second Virtual Wednesday of the school year, I wanted to send out a few reminders for our families that will make all students' Zoom-ing experiences the very best they can be!

    Included in this newsletter is also a link to apply for low- or no-cost wireless internet at your residence.  Check it out!

    Please let me know what questions I can help answer for you!


    Mrs. Young, Principal


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  • Morning Drop-Off & Afternoon Pick-up

    Posted by Delaware Elementary on 8/27/2020

    Greetings Delaware Families - 

    Here's an update on morning drop off & afternoon pick up.  Thank you for reviewing this information to keep everyone safe!


    Mrs. Young

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  • Virtual Wednesdays

    Posted by Delaware Elementary on 8/25/2020

    Dear Families -

    We've had a GREAT first two days at school in our beautiful new building!  Our Monday/Tuesday crew has been fantastic about learning our new procedures and where to find everything!  We can't wait to reconnect with our Thursday/Friday crew at the end of this week!

    Tomorrow is Virtual Wednesday - teachers will be online with their students - using Zoom - beginning at 8:30 am.  Teachers have established which 4.5 hours of the day they'll be teaching lessons virtually with the students, and these times are posted in Canvas under announcements.

    Please ensure your child logs onto their Canvas by 8:30 am so they may hear special morning announcements & instructions.  Your teacher is the BEST source of information for links and schedules, so please send them a message if something is not going quite right.

    Our instructional technologist, Miss Cabrales, will be available to parents via email ( and by phone at 417-523-3700.  She can provide some technical assistance, but for questions about specific links or schedules, please contact your child's teacher through the Canvas Inbox on your child's Canvas account.

    We know this will be a bit bumpy the first week, but we'll work together to work out the kinks.  Thank you for your patience & flexibility.  Parents - YOU are appreciated!

    Meantime - enjoy this music video from one of my all-time favorite movies. Yes, I know you'll probably chuckle when you see it.  That's okay! This perfectly sums up how our teachers are feeling about tomorrow!  Enjoy!  :-)


    Mrs. Young, Proudest Principal in the Whole Wide World

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  • Important Meet Your Teacher Info

    Posted by Delaware Elementary on 8/21/2020

    Dear Families - 

    Here is a link to some very important information for Meet Your Teacher - WE ARE UNABLE TO USE THE FRONT DOORS TO ENTER THE BUILDING FOR MEET YOUR TEACHER.  

    Please click the link and read the document so you'll know where to go.


    Mrs. Young

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