About Us

  • Delaware Elementary School is currently located away from our home. Our building was approved to be rebuilt with the passing of Proposition S. We are so excited to return to our home in the Fall of 2020! 

    Delaware was founded as a school in 1951, where it was named after the street it was build on.

    1951   Originally 12 classrooms and a multipurpose room. 25,952 sq. ft.

    1956   First addition added 5 classrooms. 6,663 sq. ft. Playground updated to include accessible equipment.

    1992   Second addition provided learning resource center and a computer lab. 7,489 sq. ft.

    2019   Old school was demolished with funds from Proposition S

    In Progress   The new building is being built, so we are temporarily located in the old Sherwood Elementary building.


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