• Sunshine Elementary The original Sunshine School was erected in 1864 on the corner of Sunshine Lane, which was a dirt road, and Campbell Street, a gravel road. At that time, Sunshine School was a white, wooden one-room building. In 1918 a sewing room and a kitchen were added to the school. These rooms could be converted into classrooms. Sunshine School served as a rural demonstration school, and teachers from Southwest Missouri State Teacher's College practiced teaching in the small rooms. We can be proud of the fact that Sunshine School had the first PTA among the county schools. We can also take pride in the fact that Sunshine School was the first school in the State of Missouri to offer hot lunches.

    In 1926 the school was voted into the Springfield R-12 system. At that time 86 pupils were enrolled in the school. In September 1930 a four-room brick building was built on the present site at Sunshine Street and Jefferson Avenue. In 1950 a six-room addition was completed, which made a total of ten classrooms. Enrollment in 1950 was 320 students. The enrollment continued to increase to an all-time peak of 539 pupils in 1953. In 1991, an addition was completed which included a library-media center, a computer lab, two kindergarten classrooms, and two restrooms.

    In 2019 major renovation began to expand to add a new hallway that contained 4 classrooms, a new secure entryway, cafeteria, and gym. The gym is a FEMA certified storm shelter able to serve the community during severe weather. In 2020 Sunshine was able to attend their fully renovated "new" school that was updated to better serve our community while retaining our history.

    Sunshine School was well known in the city for its outstanding students, pupil-planned assemblies, and for its history of outstanding and capable teachers. The tradition of this school continues and many are proud to be a part of Sunshine School or have a connection through its rich heritage.

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