• Glendale Football

    Fall & Summer

Football 2021
  • Coaches Information


    Frank Tristan
    Coaching Position: Head Football Coach
    Email: fttristan@spsmail.org


    Richard Rehagen
    Coaching Position: Defensive Coordinator / Outside Linebackers
    Email: rlrehagen@spsmail.org


    Joel Heman
    Coaching Position: Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks
    Email: jdheman@spsmail.org


    Gerald Davis
    Coaching Position: Special Teams Coordinator / Running Backs
    Email: gidavis@spsmail.org


    Eric Bellamy
    Coaching Position: Defensive Backs
    Email: etbellamy@spsmail.org


    Scott Opfer  
    Coaching Position: Linebackers
    Email: skopfer@spsmail.org

    Tyree Young

    Coaching Position: Defensive Line

    Tobias Little
    Coaching Position: Wide Receivers

    Jordan Greaves
    Coaching Position: Tight Ends / Fullbacks

  • Glendale Football Fundrasing
    Donate Today: https://www.supportsps.org/pick-a-project/glendale-football/

    Funds will be used to purchase travel and workout apparel for our program. Funds will also be used to feed the players on road games and provide our players with a banquet at the conclusion of the season.

    Need Reprsented: Student and Coach apparel, nutrition, and honoring graduates from the program.

    Academic Impact: This project will increase our student involvement and pride within our program. Our brand will be relevant within the community and will create a tradition for graduates to be proud of.