• Holland Elementary participates in a Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system approach that we call "Hawk PRIDE." This approach establishes the social culture and behavior supports needed for Holland to be a safe and effective learning environment for all students. The letters in PRIDE represent the following values and are emphasized throughout the school:

    P             Politeness

    R             Respect

    I              Integrity

    D             Discipline

    E              Effort

    Holland teachers and staff members give out Hawk PRIDE stickers to students who are being polite, respectful, show integrity, discipline or effort during the school day. Staff members may give out as many stickers as they would like. When a student receives a sticker, they report to the Principal’s office to fill out a Hawk PRIDE ticket and place it in the drawing basket. Daily, student names are drawn from the basket and those student then record their names on the Hawk Pride Board located in front of the office. Once a row or column is filled on the board, those students become Hawk PRIDE VIPs and are allowed to eat lunch on the stage that day with a friend. Random drawings are also done from the basket and those students receive a variety of prizes from the Principal’s prize box. 

    Our team of teachers and staff have worked together to create a matrix of what student behavioral expectations look like, sound like and feel like in classroom areas and in all non-classroom setting (bathroom, hallway, cafeteria, etc.).