• Holland is a neighborhood school where students, parents and teachers know one another by name. Being a smaller school gives us the ability to help our students feel safe and supported.

    • Parent and community involvement is strong in Holland. Many volunteers from both the community and surrounding neighborhood contribute their time in Holland each month. Our Partners in Education include: Southminster Presbyterian Church, Messiah Lutheran Church, Sunset Church of Christ, Brentwood Library and Rick's Automotive.
    • Title I funding provides additional resources for teachers and students. Reading specialists work one-on-one with students and use the push-in model to assist classes with reading.
    • We are a literacy model school with a full-time literacy coach to work with students and teachers. We use the Response to Intervention model to provide interventions before special education is considered. We have a schoolwide behavior program called Hawk P.R.I.D.E., which recognizes students for character traits they exhibit.
    • Holland houses the district's program for students who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing (DHH).


    Our mission is to promote the academic, social and emotional development of each child in a safe environment.


    The Holland community is expected to collaborate as productive, global citizens engaged in continuous learning, acceptance of individual differences and stewardship of our Earth.

    Collective Commitments

    As a staff committed to excellence for all of our students, we will:

    • Help students to be reflective, responsible, independent thinkers
    • Work collaboratively to monitor progress and adjust instruction
    • Foster a safe learning community that values Politeness, Respect,
      Discipline and Effort (Hawk PRIDE)
    • Encourage families to be active in the school learning community
    • Model stewardship of our school, community and Earth

    View our PBS Matrix to see how Hawk PRIDE behavior can be demonstrated in different school settings.

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