• Arrival and Dismissal Car Line Instructions


    The doors will open at 7 a.m. for students. This is a change from the past school year. Staff will be outside to accept students and help with car doors. Staff are not permitted to help with car seats and seat belts. Parents should REMAIN IN THE CAR as this slows down the car line. All students are required to exit the car through the right side car door to ensure their safety with high traffic. All students will go to the Diner to eat breakfast or wait to be dismissed for class which begins at 7:20. The doors will close at 7:20 sharp. If the doors are closed, please find a parking spot, turn on the vehicle and walk your child in. This is for your child's safety. Please see the map below for entering the Drop-Off Car Line and exiting.

    Take special note:


    • Cars will not be allowed in the bus line from 7:00-7:20 am. A staff member will be present to redirect traffic to the proper drop-off procedure.
    • Cars will only enter Redrex, north of Disney. Families will take their first right on Warmwater and wrap around to Bates, the Southside Disney parking lot.
    • PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO CUT THROUGH THE LINE when running late. You will be directed to go around and use the proper procedure.


    Tardy Procedures NEW!

    After 7:20, students must be walked into the office by an adult. This is a new procedure for the 2023-24 school year. The student and parent will report to the office, and the student will be sent to class as not to miss more learning time The parents will have the responsibility of physically signing in the student. If a parent does not walk the child in, a phone call will be made from administration as a reminder that this is our procedure. If procedure is still not upheld, a parent conference will be expected and the student may have consequences until the parent attends the conference. Learning and safety are a priority at Disney. It is our responsibility to work together to ensure students are present for the full school day. As we understand there are appointments and outside responsibilities, it is ultimately the parent's responsibility to practice timeliness in arrival.


    Dismissal Procedures:

    Dismissal begins at 2:20. Parents and guardians must have a car tag to pick-up students in the car line. Car tags will be obtained at meet the teacher. Parents should not exit the car during the car pick-up line. All students will enter the car through the right side door to ensure the safety of students and staff. Staff will be outside to help open car doors and assist the child in the car if necessary. If a parent needs to help buckle the child in, please pull forward into a parking space to do so.

Morning Drop Off Procedures
2-5 Dismissal (PM)
K-1 Siblings Dismissal (PM)