TEAM DISNEY has an experienced, caring staff that uses innovative learning strategies, and is committed to meeting all students’ needs. We are a tradition-rich school, where students historically excel academically, and parents are extremely supportive and actively engaged.

    • Notable programs include Disney Dynamics, a phenomenal honor choir for fourth- and fifth-grade students, performs multiple times each year in the community and across the state, "Disney Shout Out", our school newspaper, for fifth-grade students is published multiple times a year and has won 1st place with the Language Arts Department Fair, and a STEAM Club for third through fifth grade. 

    • Disney and its Partners in Education have built a strong working relationship. We also partner with the YMCA to offer before- and after-school programs for all students.

    • With approximately 545 students, Disney has 24 grade-level teachers along with Library, Computers, Art, Music, and Physical Education teachers. We have a full-time principal, .5 assistant to the principal, full-time counselor, two registered nurses, a full-time and one part time Special Education teachers, and a Speech Specialist. Our support staff consists of three classroom aides, one full-time secretary, one part-time secretary, three custodians, and six cafeteria staff.

    • Disney’s average daily attendance consistently exceeds the district’s target of 95 percent. In 2011-2012, our average daily attendance was 96.04 percent.

    • Disney staff averages over 15 years' professional experience, and over 77 percent of teachers have master’s degrees. Our faculty centers professional learning activities around the R-12 District Learning Model and the Continuous Quality Improvement Cycle. All staff strive to make decisions based on what is best for children, work extremely hard to create maximum student engagement, and provide data-driven instruction to increase student achievement. In addition, we also seek effective feedback from all stakeholders, including students, parents, families, and members of the community.


  • A school was originally built on the site of the current facility before 1881. The school was named Crenshaw School and was built as a private school for a plantation owner of the same name for his children to attend. It was purchased in 1881 to become a Free School. The school burned in 1905 and was rebuilt west of Campbell and Morningside.

    The present school building (originally named North Kickapoo Elementary School) located at 4100 S. Fremont was built in 1952 and housed students through 6th grade. There were seven classrooms, an office, and an all-purpose room. In 1953, bond passage was awarded to build five more classrooms and a science room. The school was annexed into the Springfield Public School system in 1961 and renamed Walt Disney Elementary in 1970. In 1988, a library media center and three classrooms were added. In 1997, six classrooms, a gym, an art room, and a music room were added. In 2002 the lunchroom and kitchen were remodeled and doubled in size.

    In 1994, the 6th graders were moved to middle schools, which resulted in Disney's enrollment changing from 513 in 1993 to 385 in 1994. Another dramatic population change occurred in 1997 with consolidation of Cherokee Elementary/Middle School and Disney Elementary. Enrollment increased from 385 in 1996 to 653 in 1997.

    The dedication to the task of preparing children for success in a changing society by faculty, staff and parents has always been, and will always be, at the heart of Disney Elementary School.