Grade 5 Exhibition

  • One of the key points in the IB curricular approach is the integration of the learning by each individual. This is most evident in the culminating experience of the program - the 5th grade exhibition.

    In the final year of the Primary Years Programme, students participate in a project known as the Exhibition. Students are required to engage in a collaborative inquiry that involves them in identifying, investigating, and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems.

    Purpose For Students

    * Engage with in-depth, collaborative inquiry

    * Demonstrate independence & responsibility for their own learning

    * Have opportunity to explore multiple perspectives

    * Synthesize, apply learning, & reflect on their PYP journey

    * Provide an authentic process for assessing student understanding

    * Show how they can take action as a result of their learning

    * Unite students, parents, teachers, & school community with the PYP

    * Celebrate the transition from PYP to MYP at the middle school

     Student Requirements

    * Work in a cooperative group & also do independent work

    * In-depth research (includes inquiry questions & note taking)

    * Written examples (research essay & other examples of written work)

    * Oral presentation (tell about research findings without reading essay)

    * Multi-media display (tri-fold board with pictures & information)

    * Reflection journal (special Exhibition 3-ring notebook)

    * Incorporate all aspects of the PYP (Profile, Attitudes, Key Concepts, Transdisciplinary Skills)

     You Can Help Your Student By...

    * Having an understanding of the Exhibition purpose & requirements

    * Supporting & encouraging your child to do his/her best

    * Reading the weekly class newsletter updates on the unit timeline

    * Talking with your child about how the process is progressing

    * Celebrating with your child by attending Exhibition Day to view his/her accomplishments

    (evening hours will also be scheduled)