Boyd Staff 2018-2019


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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Barge Jeannie Barge, Jeannie Teacher 4th/5th 417-523-1500
Sharp Kathleen Sharp, Kathleen Teacher Spanish �Hola! I'm Se�ora Sharp; I teach Spanish at Boyd & Field Elementary Schools. I have a passion for introducing students to everything that comes with a new language: culture, celebrations, food, geography, and so much more! When I'm not at school, I like to read, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the outdoors. 417-523-1500
Moldovan Georgetta Moldovan, Georgetta Teacher K/1st Hello, my name is Georgetta Moldovan and this would be my second year teaching at Boyd Elementary as a K-1 multiage teacher. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor in Science Elementary Education. As a teacher, I value diversity among my students. I believe in nurturing the things for which my students show interest and passion in, teaching with a real-world purpose and active discover in my classroom. I look forward to my second year in the classroom and having the opportunity 417-523-1500
Clendennen Ciara Clendennen, Ciara Custodian Custodial/Maintenance 417-523-1500
Collado Christina Collado, Christina Teacher Art �I am a 2017 Drury graduate (go Panthers!) and this will be my second year teaching elementary school art. I have a passion for art and for my students. My goal for my students as they learn and grow in the art room is that they become balanced-critical thinkers, who will take on any challenges creatively. When they walk in my room, they are artists and artists never give up! 417-523-1500
Duncan Cindy Duncan, Cindy Teacher 2nd/3rd Hi! I�m Cindy Duncan. I am currently teaching a 2nd/3rd grade multiage class here at Boyd Elementary and this is my 20th year teaching. I have taught kindergarteners, first graders, second graders, third graders, fifth graders, and sixth graders. Each age brings with it unique blessings and challenges. I have truly loved them all! I have been married to my husband Bill for 24 years and we have have three daughters. Our youngest, Alli, will be a senior in high school this year. She is active in v 417-523-1500�
Burns Tyne Burns, Tyne Counselor Hello! I am Tyne Burns, and I�m starting my third year here at Boyd! I have been a school counselor six years now, and I love spending time getting to know and love the students. My favorite things about my job are helping kids when they need extra support, and getting to laugh and be silly with them! 417-523-1500
Gregory Christine Gregory, Christine Teacher 2nd/3rd I am a native of California, where I lived for 36 years. I moved to Midtown with my family in 2002. I love visiting family in California but consider Missouri our home. I live a block from Boyd and enjoy being able to walk to school.� I have two children in college and an amazing husband who has walked through life with me for 23 years.� My family loves being outdoors - camping, hiking, biking and kayaking.�� 417-523-1500
Overby Pam Overby, Pam Teacher 4th/5th 417-523-1500
Holloway-Payne Angela Holloway-Payne, Angela Principal 417-523-1500
Dudley Keele Dudley, Keele Nurse 417-523-1500
David Aubrey David, Aubrey Teacher 4th/5th 417-523-1500
Goetz Cheryl Goetz, Cheryl Learning Coach 417-523-1500
Taylor Phyllis Taylor, Phyllis Secretary 417-523-1500
Quirk Jamie Quirk, Jamie IB PYP Coordinator 417-523-1500
Broadstreet Harrison Broadstreet, Harrison Behavior Interventionist 417-523-1500
Brown Allie Brown, Allie Instructional Technologist Computers This is my second year at Boyd. I teach technology classes, Encore, and sponsor STEAM Clubs. I have a master's degree in elementary education and a bachelor's degree in media from Missouri State University. I foster dogs for Rescue One and am getting married this June. 417-523-1500
Mitchell Claudia Mitchell, Claudia Teacher Spanish 417-523-1500
Gupton Annamarie Gupton, Annamarie Teacher SPED 417-523-1500
Situ Lori Situ, Lori Speech Language Pathologist Speech 417-523-1500
Johnson Kim Johnson, Kim Head Custodian Custodial/Maintenace 417-523-1500
Buckner Edie Buckner, Edie Specialist Nutrition Services 417-523-1500
Stewart Tyler Stewart, Tyler Teacher P.E. 417-523-1500
Sweet Jason Sweet, Jason Teacher P.E. 417-523-1500
McQueen Sally McQueen, Sally Teacher Art 417-523-1500
Blake Loretta Blake, Loretta Teacher Music 417-523-1500
Martin Nancy Martin, Nancy Teacher Music 417-523-1500
Timm Alyssa Timm, Alyssa Media Specialist Library 417-523-1500
Morey Cari Morey, Cari Reading Specialist Learning is my passion. Whether it is learning about teaching, how to bake,� or new craft ideas, I am always working to learn new things. This will be my 10th year of teaching, and I am beyond excited to be a Reading Specialist. I have been married to my amazing husband for 8 years, and we have two children. Finnley is 6 and Adalyn is 5. Currently I am working towards a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration from Evangel University and will complete this in 2021.� 417-523-1500
Novak Merikate Novak, Merikate Community Development 417-523-1500
Coleman Kristy Coleman, Kristy Teacher K/1st 417-523-1500
Counts Emma Counts, Emma Teacher K/1st 417-523-1500
MacLeod Jessica MacLeod, Jessica Teacher 2nd/3rd 417-523-1500

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