Boyd Staff 2018-2019


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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Holloway-Payne Angela Holloway-Payne, Angela Principal Administration 417-523-1500
Taylor Phyllis Taylor, Phyllis Secretary Administration Boyd 417-523-1500
Quirk Jamie Quirk, Jamie IB PYP Coordinator Administration Boyd 417-523-1500
Novak Merikate Novak, Merikate Community Development Administration Boyd 417-523-1500
Underwood Heather Underwood, Heather Teacher K/1st Grade Boyd 417-523-1500
Brown Allie Brown, Allie Teacher K/1st Grade Boyd This is my third year at Boyd. I teach 1st grade. I have a master's degree in elementary education and a bachelor's degree in media from Missouri State University. I foster dogs for Rescue One and am getting married this June. 417-523-1500
Thielmann Karen Thielmann, Karen Teacher 2nd/3rd Boyd 417-523-1500
MacLeod Jessica MacLeod, Jessica Teacher 2nd/3rd Boyd 417-523-1500
Barge Jeannie Barge, Jeannie Teacher 2nd/3rd Boyd 417-523-1500
Moldovan Georgetta Moldovan, Georgetta Teacher 5th Boyd Hello, my name is Georgetta Moldovan and this would be my third year teaching at Boyd Elementary as a 4-5 multiage teacher. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor in Science Elementary Education. As a teacher, I value diversity among my students. I believe in nurturing the things for which my students show interest and passion in, teaching with a real-world purpose and active discover in my classroom. I look forward to my second year in the classroom and having the opportunity 417-523-1500
Pon Mackenzie Pon, Mackenzie Teacher 4th Boyd 417-523-1500 pon.png
Lee Kari Lee, Kari Teacher Wonder Years Boyd 417-523-1500
Mann Elliott Mann, Elliott Teacher Art Boyd 417-523-1500
Blake Loretta Blake, Loretta Teacher Music Boyd 417-523-1500
Stewart Tyler Stewart, Tyler Teacher P.E. Boyd 417-523-1500
Sharp Kathleen Sharp, Kathleen Teacher Spanish Boyd �Hola! I'm Se�ora Sharp; I teach Spanish at Boyd & Field Elementary Schools. I have a passion for introducing students to everything that comes with a new language: culture, celebrations, food, geography, and so much more! When I'm not at school, I like to read, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the outdoors. 417-523-1500
Ellis Alicia Ellis, Alicia Teacher Spanish Boyd 417-523-1500
Brauner Kateland Brauner, Kateland Teacher SPED Boyd 417-523-1500
Timm Alyssa Timm, Alyssa Media Specialist Library Boyd 417-523-1500
Benedict Erin Benedict, Erin Library Clerical Library Boyd 417-523-1500
Miller Lindsey Miller, Lindsey Speech Language Pathologist Speech Boyd 417-523-1500 Miller.jpg.png
Hutchinson Tonia Hutchinson, Tonia Counselor Specialist Boyd 417-523-1500 hutchinson.jpg
Cary Stephanie Cary, Stephanie Nurse Specialist Boyd RN 417-523-1500
Smith Angela Smith, Angela Behavior Interventionist Specialist Boyd 417-523-1500
Johnson Kim Johnson, Kim Head Custodian Custodial/Maintenace Boyd 417-523-1500
Clendennen Ciara Clendennen, Ciara Custodian Custodial/Maintenance Boyd 417-523-1500
Buckner Edie Buckner, Edie Nutrition Nutrition Services Boyd 417-523-1500
Adams Rhegan Adams, Rhegan Teacher Wonder Years 417-523-1500
Eldred Sherri Eldred, Sherri Teacher Wonder Years 417-523-1500
Haegg Mary Haegg, Mary Teacher ECSE Wonder Years 417-523-1500
Whalen Joshua Whalen, Joshua Para Educator SPED 417-523-1500
White Diane White, Diane Para Educator ECSE Wonder Years 417-523-1500 white.png
Weaver Joy Weaver, Joy Teacher Wonder Years 417-523-1500
Dubiose Kimberly Dubiose, Kimberly Para Educator Wonder Years 417-523-1500 duboise.jpg.png
Osburn Lisa Osburn, Lisa Para Educator Wonder Years 417-523-1500 osburn.png
Ray Kim Ray, Kim Para Educator Wonder Years 417-523-1500 ray.png
Call Sarah Call, Sarah Teacher Launch Boyd 417-523-1500 call.png
Pyle Krista Pyle, Krista Teacher Launch Boyd 417-523-1500
Weinberg Julie Weinberg, Julie Teacher Launch Boyd 417-523-1500
Adams McKenna Adams, McKenna Para Educator Wonder Years Boyd 417-523-1500 Adams.jpg

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