• Mission

    The mission of the Bowerman Community is to equip our students

    to be successful, literate 21st century learners.



    Bowerman Elementary will provide a safe and respectful atmosphere. 

    We will promote academic excellence through high expectations and by maintaining focus on the development of 21st century learners.



    21st century learner n:   

    • Critical Thinker who reasons effectively through active, investigative and reflective thinking to make decisions and to solve authentic problems.
    • An Effective Communicator who interacts with others to acquire and/or share information and shape thinking.
    • An Effective Collaborator who joins with others to share skills and knowledge, to support one another, and to accomplish complementary goals.


    literate n: an educated person who possesses the ability to use printed and written information to function in society, to achieve one’s goals, and to develop one’s knowledge and potential.


    Collective Commitments

    High Expectations

    We will model and reinforce high expectations through scaffolding and differentiated instruction while providing effective feedback for all students.



    We will embed technology experiences daily to increase student engagement in problem solving and critical thinking.


    Conflict Resolution & Social Skills

    We will proactively role play or share social stories on the topics of conflict resolution and social skills throughout the school year.



    We will promote modeling and provide instructional opportunities for collaboration among teachers, students, and parents.

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