Partners in Education/Support DHE

  • David Harrison is fortunate to have outstanding Partners in Education. Throughout the school year there will be opportunities for families to visit different restaurants, including Papa John's and Wendy's,  and a portion of what is spent is given back to our school. Check out our calendar to see when you can eat these establishments to support DHE.

    Additional ways to support DHE include:

    • Save the Box Top for Education coupons from General Mills products. You can also shop online at your favorite stores through the Box Tops Marketplace (  We receive up to 8% of each qualifying purchase. If you purchase books online at Barnes and Noble through the Box Tops Reading Room (, we receive 6% of on your book purchases and 5% on other online purchases.
    • Collect canned soda tabs and donate those to the Ronald McDonald House
    • Download the SHOPAROO app on your iPhone or Droid and take a picture of your grocery receipts for DHE.