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Staff Honorific First Name Name Title Department Address Bio Phone Fax Email Photo
Hopper Dr. Lora Hopper, Lora Principal 417-523-3000
Baier Barb Baier, Barb Secretary 417-523-3002
Holt Shannon Holt, Shannon Counselor 417-523-3026
Hansen Kim Hansen, Kim Nurse 417-523-3030
Davis Marti Davis, Marti Kitchen Manager
Donnell Melanie Donnell, Melanie 1st Grade Teacher
King Aubrey King, Aubrey 2nd/3rd Grade Teacher
Yost Natalie Yost, Natalie 1st Grade Teacher
Space Laura Space, Laura Kindergarten Teacher
Heidle Kelly Heidle, Kelly 3rd Grade Teacher
Rowland Mary Rowland, Mary 2nd Grade Teacher
Sullivan Lori Sullivan, Lori 3rd Grade Teacher
Anderson Debbie Anderson, Debbie Math Coach
Spurling Lisa Spurling, Lisa 4th/5th Grade Teacher
Sutter-Youngblood Christina Sutter-Youngblood, Christina 5th Grade Teacher
Devost Adrienne Devost, Adrienne Special Education Teacher
Buerke Julie Buerke, Julie Music Teacher
Davis Caleb Davis, Caleb Art Teacher
Connolly Jacob Connolly, Jacob PE Teacher
Salgado Fabio Salgado, Fabio Custodian
Morey Cari Morey, Cari Literacy Coach
Potter Kristi Potter, Kristi Computer Teacher
Kelley Alyson Kelley, Alyson Behavior Interventionist
Hunsaker Cammie Hunsaker, Cammie Librarian My name is Cammie Hunsaker and I am the Library Media Specialist for York Elementary. I began my library career working in the public library but transitioned over to be an elementary school librarian and this is now my 6th year at York! Being a librarian is the best job and I love getting to know the students and sharing wonderful books with them.
Rogers Samantha Rogers, Samantha Head Cook
Thomas Jacob Thomas, Jacob Library Clerical
Owen Desiree Owen, Desiree Kindergarten Teacher
Steinmetz Hannah Steinmetz, Hannah 4th Grade Teacher

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