About Our School



    Robberson Community School has a rich history of serving students and families on the North side of Springfield.  Situated along the business section of historic “Route 66”, the original building was opened in 1905, making it the oldest elementary building still in operation in our district.  Growth in our neighborhood and a continued commitment to educational excellence has resulted in four additions to the building over the years.  The result is a stately structure with some beautiful detail work inside and a lot of interesting ‘nooks and crannies’.

    Robberson Community School was named after Dr. Edwin Robberson, a prominent doctor in North Springfield.  Dr. Robberson and his family donated the land on which the school was built.

    Our classification as a “Community School” means that we take a holistic look at the child and family and offer programming both during the day and after school to address their needs and to enrich their learning opportunities.  We also employ a balanced calendar (a modified version of year-round school) which creates more learning opportunities for our students as well as a shortened summer break time.  This calendar allows us the opportunity to incorporate extended learning and exploration time directly into the school calendar. 

    Robberson is poised for greatness.  Commitment to students and families on Springfield’s North side has prompted a study to evaluate our school buildings and plan for future expansions. The future looks bright for the Robberson neighborhood as we are teaching our students to “Dream Without Boundaries”!

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